Covid 19

Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on all aspects of daily living the world over and the car club scene has not escaped it. Many clubs just seemed to have closed their doors as a result of being unable to meet with other members in the ways they have become accustomed to whilst others have been more innovative and thought of ways to maintain contact with the membership and still keep within the rules. Exeter MG Owners Club falls within the latter.

As a club we do not physically meet at The Black Horse for our social evening at the moment and this will probably be the case until about July 2021. However we have come up with ways to keep things going and remain safe and within the rules. When groups of six could meet prior to the last lockdown our Run Organiser arranged “Short notice outings group” or “SNOG” for short. Three cars and generally three couples would meet (socially distanced) and go for a drive ending up in a nice spot for a picnic lunch and a chat before returning home again. This is now possible again under the “Roadmap” rules and our Run Organiser is happy to hear from anyone wanting to link with others for a SNOG.

Our club nights have taken on a digital flavour in that we still meet but from the comfort of our own homes. The evenings start with an email to introduce the evening that includes a quiz and a drink at “Pat’s Bar”. Everyone seems to initially order a drink and a snack from Pat’s Bar via email. At the end of the evening (10pm) the bar closes and Pat puts the names of all those who have ordered into a hat drawing out the name of one winner who receives a voucher for the drink they choose when we next meet at a live meeting.

The quiz also runs until 10pm and can be general knowledge, names of places to identify from photographs or just about anything really that is fun. The use of the internet is acceptable and often necessary. Once you have completed the quiz the answers are emailed to our Club Secretary for marking and prizes allocated, a bottle of wine (voucher) for the winner and a bar of chocolate (voucher) for the runner up.

We find this method of club night less intrusive than “Zoom” as you don’t need to dress up or even tidy the house. Print off the quiz and have a take away or even a Happy Meal delivered whilst you make your guesses, easy really.

As things change we will update this website with our latest arrangements which will meet with whatever the “current government rules” are.