Exeter Area Owners Club 0708

Welcome to our website

Hi, so you have found us. We have actually been around for quite some time waiting for just the right moment to say hello. We imagine that you are here because you most likely have an MG, new or old, and have though that it might be good to meet up with other MG owners. Or maybe perhaps you are thinking of buying an MG and are investigating what there is on offer to an owner of this rather well liked marque. Well how about you flick through the pages of the website and check us out. After that you could get in touch with our club secretary if you want to know more, or just turn up at one of our Social Night Meetings which is a good way of introducing yourself and seeing if you like the look of us. We are a friendly lot and can always find you a spare seat to pull up to one of the tables and join in the chatter, have a go at the quiz and generally get to know us. Membership is a one off fee of £10 and we have no annual membership fee.

So we look forward to meeting you and getting to know you. Just one more thing, but you may have already guessed this, we are not, how should I say this, a bunch of MG geeks. We are more a bunch of mates, male and female, who enjoy the fun and laughter from each others company when we meet up which is as a result of our common interest in MG’s.